Best Baby Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the best baby gift for Christmas? Do you have little contact with babies? Find all the best gift ideas for the age ad stage you're buying for. With lots of helpful hints and things to keep in mind including advice about clothes sizing and weather conditions or practical and necessary items with interesting card quotes to make the gift more exciting.

New Baby Gift Ideas for 0-3 Month Olds

Newborns are delightful little creatures, but can't do much. They spend the majority of their time asleep, and when not asleep they're mostly feeding. The few short hours each day that they can play are spent with toys that can be hit with arms and legs. One of the most useful items for any new parents is a rocker or bouncer. This can be carried from room to room easily and helps keep baby entertained and feeling part of the household. These can be used right up until the baby's crawling which is somewhere around 8 months old - by far the longest used item other than a crib.

Most new parents are given an assortment of soft toys like teddy bears which are really not in any way useful. Newborns and babies under six months aren't able to hold a normal sized teddy bear, and even the small ones will have their fur sucked off. Some of the best baby toys that parents receive are the ones which make some noise when shaken or hit, and little hands mean they need to be small enough to grab but not so small that they fit inside the baby's mouth.

Special Baby Gifts for 3-6 Month Olds

This age group are starting to make noises and really discover their hands and feet. They are also starting to teeth. Rattles and ring toys are excellent toys for these babies. There is a reason a teething ring is called a ring - it's far easier for a baby to grasp. The other best baby gift idea for this age group is a play mat (although most households have already bought one so check before getting one). Being a little more aware of their limbs means that the baby can hit their suspended toys much more easily. Toys with a bell in them encourage baby to move more.

Another hint for purchasing the best baby gift in the trendy baby clothes department is to look for something that will be easy to use. Anything that buttons up the back has clearly been designed by someone who doesn't have babies to dress every day. Holding a baby in a sitting position to do up buttons can be challenging even when they are able to sit on their own, let alone under six months of age! Buttons on the shoulder are far easier to cope with, or onesies that do up down the newborn's front make for easier dressing.

Cool Baby Gifts for 6-9 Month Olds

This is such a fun age. These babies are learning to sit up and are becoming more aware of the world around them. By the end of this time most babies will be crawling and have a few teeth. Sitting up means bigger toys can be handled, and perhaps one of the most useful toys is a ball. It will be kept indefinitely and is excellent for co ordination and beginning to understand gravity.

Cute Baby Gifts for 9-12 Month Olds

This can be a challenging time for new parents as they discover how much they need to do to baby proof their house. A baby gate, playpen or cupboard locks the best baby gift ideas for parents of this age group. If you're looking for a toy though, the best baby gift ideas for this age group are push or pull along toys as they are excellent for encouraging those first few steps.

Hope you find the information you're looking for!

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