How To Choose Just The Right
Bedding For Your Baby's Nursery

When choosing a bed for your new bundle of joy there are several factors to consider. The number one consideration is safety. A baby's bed shouldn't be too hard or too soft. There is also comfort to consider. You should never have too much stuff in your baby's bed like, pillows, stuffed animals, and toys. Manufactures make a lot of different things for the baby bed and try to convince parents that they are depriving their children in some way if they don't have all these things.

The best way to think of it is less is better. The baby is in the bed to sleep not to play or be stimulated in any other way. The toys and even music can be distracting and keep the baby from getting restful sleep. There is also the safety factor. It can be easy for a baby to roll into a pillow or toy that will obstruct its breathing. They don't know to move away if their oxygen supply is compromised. It is up to the parents to remove all of these hazards.

Also too many blankets can be a hindrance. A baby should be dressed for warmth so all that is needed in the bed is a light blanket. Big fluffy comforters can be stiff and easily moved with a baby's normal habit of kicking their legs. After being moved upward the comforter may cover the babies face. Since doctors are not really sure what causes Sudden Infant Death, it is the parents responsibility to be the watch dogs.

So when it comes time to make the babies bed it is best to use a firm mattress, not too soft or too hard. Then a tight fitting sheet goes on the mattress. The sheet should be large enough to be fully tucked under the mattress so the baby can't pull it out when playing or fussing. A padded bumper around the crib is a good idea when the baby starts to roll around. A bumper can prevent the baby's arms and legs from sticking outside a crib or prevent other injuries, like a bump on the head. A flat pillow can be used too. The pillow should not be too fluffy, especially if the baby rolls, it can get its face stuck in it and not be able to turn away. Then put on a light blanket to finish off the bedding ensemble.

With all these things, your baby should be able to get a good and safe nights sleep. Anyone with a baby can tell you the importance for the whole family's happiness that the baby sleeps well. A tired cranky baby or a worried parent can cause undo stress in the family dynamic.

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