Choosing a Baby Book

Buying a baby book can be a little challenging if you aren't in contact with babies very frequently. This needn't put you off the idea though as a book is a beautiful present for a baby. Useful from the very early stages, books can be kept for years and used when the child starts to learn how to read. There are many different types available including cardboard books and plastic books for the bath. They can even be personalized to the child.

A good thing to keep in mind is that there are different uses for different books. For instance classic children's book can be bought in paper back versions for babies and these will be used as bedtime stories by the parents. For books that the baby will actually handle themselves though, cardboard, plastic or fabric books are best. Remember too for these books it is good to keep the size of them small enough that little hands can easily grab them.

For some basic ideas that are welcome on any bookshelf see the books in the ranges below.

Learning Books These are all about shapes, numbers colours, letters or animals. They are a great choice for parents who are keen to introduce their baby to some educational books from an early age.

As they are all teaching tools, choosing a theme for your gift can be a good idea. You may decide on colors, shapes, farm animals or wild animals, numbers or emotions like happy and sad. If you're buying for a baby who is 6 months or older you may even like to choose a flip the flap book for their coordination.

Personalized Baby Books are a lovely keepsake for the child and will help to interest them in their book. There are many different types available. Some will go through farm animals, some through the daily events of a baby's life, others will even include photos or the names of the main people in the baby's life, to make each page a special memory for the child in years to come, while being a beautiful book to read to them while still a baby.

Classic Children's Books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar are slowly becoming available as board books. Any child who's been exposed to these books will remember them for years to come.

Bath Books are great for introducing colors, shapes and animals. Made of a puffy plastic, they float and are perfect for making bath time fun. Some of the rubber ones even have bits which will stick to the side of the bath when wet, or you can get ones with a little bath time toys that goes with the story.

Puppet Books keep baby very entertained with their movements. These are a lot of fun for parents friends and grand parents alike. Hiding the characters or allowing them to "kiss" the baby makes for a laugh!

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Choosing a Baby Book

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Choosing a Baby Book