Baby Christmas Gifts

It can be hard buy baby Christmas gifts compared to buying baby shower presents or first birthday presents because the baby will be anywhere from newborn to one year old and not every gift is appropriate for the age of the baby you're buying for!

A few different categories of Christmas themed gifts include Baby's First Christmas Ornaments or Baby's First Christmas toys, clothes, books, bedding and so forth. To choose the best baby gift for Christmas, first you need to decide if you'd like to get something that is Christmas themed or get something which is not themed, but that the baby will use for a longer time. Ar you looking for a Christmas gift for a newborn baby girl?

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Gifts to Create a Tradition

For themed gifts, a lovely gift to give is a personalized Christmas tree ornament. Some families have a tradition of giving the children a new ornament for the tree each year which is put on the tree and then packed away by the child in a special box, making their involvement in the festive season grow each year.

You could also consider giving a christmas outfit each year for the child to be photographed in with Santa. There are some very cute Reindeer and Santa Suits available for babies. There are also plenty of little shoes with various characters on them. Or you could go for toys such as reindeer.

If you decide not to go for a Christmas themed gift you will need to get a good idea of what's appropriate for the age group you're buying for. Click on the links below for more ideas.

0-3 Month Olds 3-6 Month Olds 6-9 Month Olds 9-12 Month Olds

Christmas Themed Gifts

Christmas Baby Clothes are a fun gift and lead the way for some gorgeous baby photos. Also if you live in a cold climate you might consider a Christmas beanie. If you're in a hot climate perhaps a Christmas hat. Check out the Trendy Baby Clothing page for tips on buying the right size.

You may also consider buying or making a Christmas blanket which can be used to wrap the baby, and kept for later and brought out for the child's presents to be placed on at their next Christmas.

Christmas Books such as the twelve days of christmas are another lovely gift which can be treasured for many years to come. Try to find a hard, cardboard book as these are the most suitable for babies. For a unique christmas baby gift, why not get a personalized book for the baby? Or check out the Unique Personalized Baby Gifts page.

Baby Christmas Stocking - every household who celebrates christmas will need some kind of stocking to hold their baby christmas gifts.

A religious themed gift such as a wooden nativity set which has pieces big enough to be safe for the baby to play with is another idea.

Non Themed Gifts

Books are a wonderful gift for babies and can be used from about 3 months old right up until school age so they are a gift that will continue to be used. They are also easy to pack and bring with you, or to send by mail. You could consider a First ABC book, or perhaps a farmyard or jungle introduction book. The Baby Book page will give you more age appropriate ideas. Just remember to get a board book (the hard cardboard types) so that baby can play with it by themselves as well.

If you are after an age appropriate toy check out the Baby Toys page for a list of toys under each age group so you can give the best baby christmas gifts possible. When you aren't in contact with babies much it can be hard to choose the right toy for their developmental stage. or you may choose a specific toy for toy for baby's development.

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