Baby Educational Toys
for 9-12 Month Olds

When baby educational toys remember that 9-12 month olds are crawling around quite proficiently, and if closer to 1 year old they are starting to think about walking. They are also rapidly improving their fine motor control, getting closer to being able open things and press buttons. Some useful developmental baby toys for this age group include:

Nesting Boxes and Stacking Rings are also still appropriate for this age group as they still have that fascination for pulling things out of and putting things back into boxes. One of the most important parts of this learning process is repetition. It's amazing how many times and how long each time a baby will play with these toys.

Shape Sorters are wonderful baby toys. They cross the category of pure developmental toys for co-ordination because they also help to teach colors and shapes.

Push or Pull Along Toys are a good choice for a baby if you are attending their first birthday. As most children are starting to cruise (walk along holding furniture) at this age they help to encourage the baby to start moving more.

Balls are again a very appropriate choice for babies of this age. They are starting to get the idea, though they still are unable to, that they should try to catch the ball. They are also starting to throw the ball somewhere closer to their parents.

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