Baby Feeding Necessities

Baby feeding is a big part of every new parents life. Having all the baby feeding necessities at hand makes this job so much easier!

Breast Pads - Not so much a baby necessity, but an essential item for new mums, whether they plan to breastfeed or not as the breast will still be producing milk initially. These are a gift that tends to be forgotten because everyone is focusing on the baby. Your phrase could be "saving mum's dignity, one wet patch at a time".

Feeding Pillow - This is not a necessity for parents planning to formula feed their child. For breast feeding mothers this will be a saving grace for tired backs. On the card you might put "for keeping mum's poise in those tiring early months".

Bottles and Nipples - Even for mum's planning to exclusively breastfeed these are essential. She may be unwell and needing a good nights sleep, or maybe dad would love to be part of the whole feeding regime, so a phrase like "to share the love" may be appropriate, or if they are planning to use bottles anyway, you may like it to read something more like "to keep that tummy full and that mouth smiling". Some of the most popular bottles on the market include Dr Brown's Baby Bottles Avent Baby Bottles Pigeon Baby Bottles .

Sterilizer - These are essential items that will be used everyday for formula fed babies, but will also be used for sterilizing the breast pump if the mother is breastfeeding but needing to put their child in day care. They come as either electric, UV or microwavable steamers. Just make sure the bottles the parents have or are being given fit inside the sterilizer. On the card you could write "to keep everything squeaky clean".

Burp Cloths - All babies, whether they have reflux or not, will have a certain amount of milk that comes up after a feed, usually during burping. This is a real baby feeding necessity as new parents will use several of these each day. A phrase for these could be "the only place spilt milk should end up".

Bibs - This is another item which new parents may use several of each day. A phrase on the card could read "to protect all those gorgeous new outfits".

Plate, Bowl, Cup and Cutlery - When they're ready for solids, babies are also ready for throwing. Getting some good quality plastic utensils for feeding is a must for any new parent. As a gift why not get some of the keepsake varieties?

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