Baby First Christmas Ornament

If you're looking to buy a baby first Christmas ornament there are a few options to choose from. You might go for a standard ornament or you could go for one that is personalized with the baby's foot or hand print.

Clay molding is a popular way of commemorating the day. These ornaments become a keepsake that both the parents and the child will cherish for years to come. You may decide to make this a tradition of giving an ornament each year, immortalizing the hand or finger print each of the precious, innocent years before school starts.

Another way of personalizing the ornament is having the name engraved or written on the surface, or photos inserted. This again could become a tradition. As the child grows they will help to decorate the tree and may start or finish the process by hanging their special ornament, and can be given a new one each year. If you start the photo ornament tradition you can get a new photo each year and these will become a gorgeous keepsake.

Other options which aren't ornaments as such, but which will be hung during the festive season are Christmas stockings. Although not always hung on the tree, these will still be laid or hung out somewhere in the home, adding to to the Christmas cheer.

If none of the above options appeal, a photo frame might be more appropriate. Used for more than just the festive season, photo frames could be given with a voucher for printing up the parents favorite photo or you could get one printed for them.

Ultrasound frames are a way of commemorating the unborn babies during their first Christmas. These may be frames or ornaments for the tree.

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