Best Baby Gift Basket Ideas

There are so many different baby gift basket ideas that you can choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming. To make the choice easier it's a good idea to first choose the type of gift basket you would like to give and then how much you would like to spend. Obviously you can also choose whether it's for a baby boy or girl!

Most baby gift baskets will come with some kind of toy as a part of them, but some can be made up mainly of soft toys or teething rings, with a muslin wrap and diapers to make a base for the toys, or they are presented in a basket or tin. The tins and baskets are often great for the new parents as they also provide some additional storage capacity for the baby's new things.

Then there are baby clothing gift baskets. These are very similar to diaper cakes, but are often made to look like bouquets of flowers rather than cakes. They usually include bibs, tops, pants and/or socks, and often a muslin wrap or receiving blanket.

There are plenty of bath time sets which will have some bath toys and wash cloths. These are quite a good choice if you know the parents will be inundated with gifts as most givers will tend to choose items for the nursery.

An eco friendly basket is another popular choice for the more savvy shopper. Usually with organic cotton clothes and wraps, and organic toiletries for the baby these make a very thoughtful gift.

Finally a personalized gift basket is a lovely idea. These may include a anything from a teddy bear, blanket, onesie or book which has been personalized to the baby. They make great keepsakes and are a beautiful gift to give.

If you're the type of person who likes to make their own, the best baby gift basket ideas are the ones which are easy for you to obtain! Firstly look for a suitable box, tin or basket. These may come from a variety store, or you can try a large sewing store which will often have various extras for diy projects.

Next figure out which items you would like to include. Baby gift basket ideas you might choose include clothes , necessities or toys . This can often be the easy part, making them look good in the basket is a little more difficult! A great way of taking up space and providing a nice base for your gift is scrunching up some cellophane. Even nice wrapping paper, when scrunched in the right way, can provide a good looking, sturdy base.

Just be aware that small items can get lost in the packing, so be careful to locate them in a very visible place in the basket! Ribbons are also a useful item to spruce up the look of your basket and hold it all together! Tying the smaller items up to a bigger item can be a great solution to this problem, and will also give the basket some height diversity, creating a more pleasing look.

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