Baby Gift Card

There are plenty of baby gift cards available on the web these days, you can order a gift and a card and have them delivered to the newborn's address all in the space of five minutes or so.

When considering what you'd like to write inside There are plenty of options. You could make your message quite personalized, writing a cute phrase about the gift you've bought. There are some suggestions on the Baby Necessities page and the toiletries, feeding and clothing necessities pages that link from it.

If that doesn't suit, you could instead choose something more timeless like a short phrase for the baby. There are plenty of ideas at Cool n Smart . You can pick from funny one liners, beautiful sentiments or timeless bits of advice.

An easy present idea that will fit inside your greeting card is to buy a gift card. These are particularly useful for new parents who need to get items that are more expensive than your budget allows. Collaborating with other friends and family can mean new parents get exactly what they are after.

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