Baby Learning Toys
For 0-3 Month Olds

When choosing baby learning toys you need to really look at the age group you are buying for. The rapid growth rate of both the body, motor control and neural connections mean that a newborns needs are completely different to a four month olds.

From 0-3 months old a newborn will only be starting to use gross motor control. These early days are about getting the arms and legs flailing about and the newborn noticing that they are attached and when they are moved they may touch other objects around them. Most movement will come from the hips and shoulders, with the rest of the limb remaining fairly straight initiallly.

Mirrors make excellent toys for newborns as they are so interested in faces. This can make tummy time all the more rewarding for a young baby.

Wrist and Foot Rattles are useful for this as they encourage the baby to move their hands and feet to make a noise. As they are attached to the newborn it saves mom and dad the time of shaking the rattle for the baby, helping entertain the newborn during car trips and outings. The wrist rattle can also be attached to straps on the car capsule or stroller to give the newborn something to look at and touch.

Activity Mats are a top toy for this age group also. These mats which have a mobile above them allow mom to put her baby down and get some chores done while the baby watches the toys above move when they hit them. Activity mats also help to strengthen the newborn's neck, giving the parents a safe, clean place for tummy time. These are one of the gifts which will be used for most of the first year of life, giving the baby a clean, padded place to play, whether it be lying down on their front or back, sitting up or crawling (they can be placed inside a play pen).

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