Baby Necessities

Giving the gift of baby necessities to expectant and new parents is such a practical way of welcoming a newborn. To help you make the gift a more creative one you can write little phrases in the card. There are plenty of items to choose from so I've broken them down into categories and given a possible phrase for each so your card can be memorable.

Some categories deserve a whole page to themselves, including: Baby Monitors Baby Feeding Necessities , Baby Toiletries , Diaper Rash Cream or Newborn Clothing and Diaper Necessities .

Some of the most costly baby necessities in the long term is diapers. If you are giving a gift to a new family who aren't that well off, although they won't be kept, diapers will be definitely used, regardless of whether or not someone else gives the family the same gift as you.

The next important item that will be used every day are baby wipes. There are a lot of different brands on the market, some of them cheaper than others, but if you are giving them as a gift consider getting the better quality brands. These brands don't have extra perfumes and chlorides on them, making them more suitable for sensitive baby skin.

If you are giving a gift to some environmentally conscious parents there are two options in the diaper department - chlorine free and compostable diapers or cloth diapers. Even for parents who are likely to consider using cloth diapers in the long term, some disposables will be necessary every now and then for nights away from home. In the first few days when meconium is being excreted rather than breast milk poo, disposables can be better as meconium stains are very difficult to remove from cloth diapers.

The other item on many parents baby necessities list is a pacifier. Even for parents who aren't planning to use a pacifier, having one to hand if colic is keeping the newborn (and the new parents) up all night is an absolute godsend. You could put "for stopping those all night screaming episodes" on the card. A tip for those who haven't bought one before is to look for the really small ones if you are buying for a newborn. They very often hit the newborn's nose while the baby is sucking it.

You may also wish to get a novelty pacifier just to keep things a little more light hearted!

Pacifier Holder/Clip - These are only really necessary for parents who plan to use a pacifier. They are, in my opinion, one of the most simple yet effective inventions for babies. If you've never seen one, they basically attach the pacifier to the baby's clothes on a short plastic chain. Your phrase could read "in place of that extra pair of hands you might need".

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