Baby Pool Toys

Baby pool toys obviously need to float, but what other considerations can you keep in mind when purchasing something? Obviously the age of the baby makes a big difference as to the type of pool toy you are likely to choose. Most babies start swimming lessons by 6-8 months, however some parents start by 3 months old. Obviously if there is a pool at home then it is wise for an early introduction to water safety.

First things which will be needed are sun protection clothing and sunscreen. Babies skin is very sensitive and it is worth investing in some very good quality sunscreen for them so a) they don't burn and b) the chemicals in the lotion don't irritate their skin.

Once they are suited up you can start looking for some age appropriate baby pool toys. One of the first things that will be useful is a baby float. These hold the baby's head out of the water while the parent can clown around in front of them. They are great if there's only one adult present and can be lots of fun to push baby between the parents too. Most come with a sun shade also.

Babies under 3 months old will not need many toys to keep them interested, but are unlikely to be put in a pool for long anyway as they are awake for such short periods, however babies between 3 and 6 months old will enjoy playing with some toys. Their grasp is not well developed yet and so things like baby ring toys are the best for them to be able to hold on their own, but a parent will always be in the water with the baby so water squirting toys that the parent can use to squirt water onto the baby's hands and feet are also fun to play with and help to teach the baby about water.

Any play time with a baby is always a learning time for them so in the 6-9 month age group some great water toys are nesting buckets. These will not only be fun baby pool toys with parents pouring water over the baby's head or back into the pool or between buckets, but great for the beach and making sandcastles too. Other fun toys for the pool which can be used elsewhere are baby balls

For the older 9-12 month age group why not try some water animal toys. Of course baby bath toys also all convert well to being baby pool toys also.

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