Baby Toiletries and Medical Necessities

Diaper Rash Cream - This is a definite baby toiletries necessity. Baby skin is very sensitive so it is useful to get a really good quality cream to avoid the rash getting more inflamed. A funny phrase might be "for those grumpy bum days", or you may prefer to be a little more abstract and say some like "for life's little irritations".

Thermometer - This is probably the most important baby necessity for all new parents. The best ones to get are the ones with a digital reading. It's pretty difficult to read the old style thermometers in the middle of the night. There are some excellent options such as ear pieces that also allow the baby to be asleep while having their temperature checked. Your phrase could be "for peace of mind" or something more abstract like "to weather all seasons".

Baby Nail Clippers - These will be used at least every week and are one of the most useful gifts you could give a new parent. They are a baby necessity for all new parents. On the card you could write "keeping that face looking as angelic as when it first appeared".

Baby Brush and Comb - These may not be essential in the early months, but will be useful over the baby's first year of life. Given as a gift, it can be quite nice to find a slightly more expensive set which could be kept as an heirloom in a keepsake box. You may write "for keeping those bad hair days at bay".

Baby Powder - This is very useful for helping avoid diaper rash. A phrase for you card might be "for drying up those wet days".

Shampoo - Some babies are born with a huge amount of hair, and some take a good twelve months to have any so baby shampoo is not always necessary straight away, it will, however, be useful in a baby toiletries bag at some point and is a worthy addition to any collection of baby necessities. Your card may read "for those bad hair days after a long, sleepless night".

Baby Bath and Body Wash - Unlike shampoo, this will be used very early on. A good quality wash is less likely to dry out the baby's skin. A phrase for this gift might include "to clean up from top to bottom what may have come out of top and bottom".

Lotion - After being in a sack of fluid for nine months, it can be a bit of a shock for the baby's skin to be in a dry environment, so moisturizing lotion can be a godsend. All parents of course want "to keep that skin smooth as a babies bottom".

Sunscreen - If the baby is born into a hot climate it is likely that they will spend some time outside. Even though they won't be able to use it til they are 6 months old, baby grade sunscreen is a must to include baby toiletry for their sensitive skin. You could phrase it "to keep the sun shining, not the skin".

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