Best Baby Toys for
6-9 Month Olds

When buying baby toys for a baby in the 6-9 month age group, keep in mind that they are just beginning to crawl and move around more independently. They are also improving their hand eye coordination and really starting to become aware of the people around them and what they do. They are noticing all sorts of things including cars, phones, purses and keys so anything that imitates these things or helps them with their coordination is going to be a well loved toy. Here is a list of suggestions for baby toys in the 6-9 month old age range:

Boxes ranging in size - babies love putting thins in or taking things out of boxes and bags at this age. Having several of the same type in various sizes allows the child to put the boxes themselves into each other or use them for putting other things in. There are some lovely ones available with numbers on the side which is another great learning tool.

Stacking Rings - this is similar to the boxes, and toys for baby to help develop their hand-eye coordination. These always come in strong colors and are a great choice of toys for baby.

Jolly Jumpers - What better could you get the busy parent with the active 6 month old. Jolly Jumpers are a great help at dinner time, and you can get play mats which play music each time the baby's foot hits them now. Just make sure the parents are happy to have this kind of toy however as some parents can be quite worried that their child will hurt their feet while playing in it.

Rattles - hand held, not attached to their wrist. Noises which the baby can create for themselves encourage that hand-eye coordination and help keep the baby amused while the parents are, say, hanging out the washing.

Building Blocks - the most classic baby toys. Whether they are wooden, hollow cardboard, or plastic they are all great toys. Duplo or other connecting blocks are also great for babies this age.

Cars, Trucks, Trains, or Airplanes - babies love seeing the spinning wheels and the opening doors so look out for the larger varieties of these toys, as the smaller ones can be swallowed.

Stuffed Animals - much as they aren't talking yet, babies at this age understand a surprising amount, so animal toys area great toy for them and the baby will soon come to know the names and sounds or all the animals. Another great idea with animal toys comes into play if you live overseas from the child, you can send some animal toys native to the country you are in so then those toys will always be remembered as being from you, and you've got a good idea of other ones to get for the next gift giving occasion!

Hammering Toys - these are great baby toys as there are many varieties of them and they're a fun toy that will last the baby quite a while.

Picture Books - you can really buy books for any age group. This age group are still needing the cardboard or vinyl books if you want them to last as they are just getting used to turning the pages for themselves.

Puzzles - the good ones for this age group are the ones with only a few pieces and they usually have little knobs on them to help the baby hold them.

Balls - this is more for the 9 month old end, but babies are quite good at rolling and throwing balls, and usually love playing with them.

Shape Sorters - like the Tupperware ones. These toys are great for their strong colours, shapes and the hand-eye coordination again. It's amazing for the parents watching their child learning which shape goes into which hole so quickly.

Toys for the Bath - by this age the bay is having quite a lot of fun splashing about in the bath and some toys in there help this along too. It can be a nice time for dad to play with the baby too, so if you are a friend of the dad perhaps a bath toy is the right choice?!

Musical Toys - there are so many baby toys these days which have a little button to press or squeeze and the toy sings or laughs. Babies love them too and they are one of the most common gifts for babies.

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