Eight Fantastic Gift Ideas To Commemorate
Baby's First Christmas

A baby's first Christmas is thrilling for the entire family. The birth of a baby is to be cherished and remembered. Personalized gifts allow you to keep those precious times in a tangible form. Here are some wonderful commemorative gifts ideas, both ready-made and personalized baby gifts that you can give for baby's first Christmas.

Any baby will be delighted with the gift of a snow globe

Musical snow globes are pleasing to baby's senses. Babies find them attractive and are soothed by the music. Specialty shops carry many snow globes with a Christmas theme. It is also a good idea to write what year your baby received their snow globe on the underside, along with his or her name.

Give an ornament for their Christmas tree

You'll enjoy placing baby's first Christmas ornament on the tree as well as subsequent years as time goes by! Many ornaments commemorating baby's first Christmas are available to choose from. Perhaps you'd be interested in ordering a personalized tree bauble with a miniature Santa or angel inside it, or maybe a Christmas ribbon-bedecked baby rattle. Perhaps you might also try hanging a cute little pair of baby booties complete with a commemorative dedication from you, indicating the year of the first Christmas celebration.

Design and make a gift set of your own

Personalized baby gifts are another memorable way to create a very unique present for the baby's first Christmas. Gift sets can be created by combining a number of commemorative photo frames, plush toys and other Christmas themed items. Wrap it in a basket and bring out the creativity in you to make your gift more special.

Have the baby's name embroidered on a Christmas stocking

Christmas stockings have tradition stamped all over them, and even babyhood isn't too soon to get started. You may make your own Christmas stocking, or order an embroidered stocking with the baby's name and year of the first Christmas. When making one, make the socks attractive to the baby with ribbons and bells, but do not overdo it.

Either a hand or a foot print is another option to think about

An imprint of the new baby's hand or foot would be a creative personalized gift. You can use an ink and mark baby's print on a shirt for mom, dad, or himself; choose to print it on a piece of watercolor paper and have it framed; make clay hand or foot prints; or purchase hand and foot print casts.

Personalize a Christmas plate

Another way to memorialize Baby's first Christmas is through a personalized Christmas plate. Many stores specialize in items for you to customize with your choice of pattern and inscription. You can put this plate on the top of a shelf in your dining area or in your reception area.

Buy a figurine watch

One other wonderful holiday or Christmastime gift to mark an infant's first Christmas is a watch including a figurine. If you're looking for elegant, an angel is perfect. More fun for the youngsters are reindeer, Santa, and snowman designs.

Consider choosing a necklace with an image of an angel

At last, an elegant and truly unique gift you can give for an infant's first Christmas: an angel necklace. Your baby will enjoy the pendant during the Christmas holidays for years to come. A beautifully crafted pendant that is cherished and well-kept will likely become a family heirloom.

There are in fact a number of different gifts you can give an infant to help commemorate his or her first Christmas, including personalized apparel like socks, bodysuits and shirts, or more fun things like music box Christmas CDs, Christmas baby books, personalized Christmas blankets or even Christmas-oriented stuffed animals.

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