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It is so hard to choose the best baby shower gift because you know there will be plenty of other people buying gifts for the baby and the new parents. It perhaps easiest to start with an idea of whether you want to give a gift which is practical or fun, a creative or homemade gift , unusual or perhaps a baby necessity .

Diaper Cakes

For those planning a baby shower, you will need to consider a diaper cake. The baby shower hostess will usually create or buy a Baby Shower Centrepiece, which may be a diaper cake a Baby Shower Gift Basket, or a smaller decorative item to place in the middle of the table if the shower is a smaller affair and is being held at a restaurant where there is less room.

There are lots of great pre-made diaper cakes available on the web, some suggestions from Amazon are below. Alternatively, if you'd like to try your hand at making your own, check out the Diaper Cake page on this website for links to a video on you tube. You also have the option of buying an undecorated one and adding your own finishing touches to it.

Baby Shower Invitations

Picking baby shower invitations can be challenging because there are so many beautiful designs out there. A few basic pointers are to find one that matches the theme of the shower or else you may like to go for one that is a the theme of the baby's nursery. For those who neither of these suggestions suit perhaps a handmade invite or a trendy photo invite would be more your style.

Decorating a Nursery

When attending a baby shower you know that there is the potential for the parents to want gifts useful for decorating a nursery such as unique baby bedding , valances, hampers, mobiles, cushions, rugs and sheets. There are also wall decals and plenty of other beautiful items which bring an ordinary room to life as a baby friendly nursery. Keep in mind that the parents may have a theme such as owls or butterflies, cars or trains which they wish to stick to so it is wise to check with them before purchasing. Most parents who are doing this are likely to get invites to the baby shower in this theme as well, but to make sure your gift is used and loved be sure to find out what is needed and preferred.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

If you are struggling for baby shower gift basket ideas you first need to decide whether or not to get a gift basket centred around baby clothes, toys or necessities. For those wishing to create a homemade baby shower gift basket some things worth considering include buying a basket which could be used again after the baby shower. It may be suitable to store diapers on the change table, or to put all the newborn's toys in. Taking this time to plan your basket assures you of getting the best baby shower gift possible. Also, to make your gift really special, a gift poem could be written on the card or a separate piece of paper which contains little phrases for each item (as described in the Baby Necessities page) to show the care that has been taken in the selection of each item. There are also plenty of pre-made baby shower gift baskets available online.

Newborn Clothes

All in all, a baby shower should be lots of fun, and an option for parents who are already well prepared for their new arrival is to include some fun clothing in your baby shower gifts rather than the more generic muted colors of many baby clothes. Whichever you decide, check out the newborn clothes page to get a good grasp on the various sizes and styles that are available so you choose the best size and most appropriate type of clothes for the newborn.

Baby Shower Gag Gifts

For the more adventurous types, one of the best baby shower gift ideas is a baby shower gag gift. The baby shower often represents the last bit of time a couple has on their own before the responsibility of looking after their child and, if the parents are fairly relaxed, some funny gifts may make the party that bit more memorable! The best baby shower gifts in this category are survival kits. These often include things like ear plugs, pegs for the nose, aprons and raincoats for any spills or a toy mop and duster. These are quite often given to dad's also, who in some instances may even be in attendance at the baby shower.

Baby Shower Games

If you want to have a baby shower which is really organized rather than a free flowing afternoon tea, you may like to consider some of the many great that can be played during the event.

Baby Shower Favors

The baby shower host will also normally organize baby shower favors. These little gifts for each attendee can be simple such as a small teddy bear for each guest, or more elaborate bought items. There are many different types, and the shower may have a particular theme which can make it easier to choose. You could get useful items such as themed mini toiletries or bookmarks, or you could go the edible types which might include a small chocolate or sweet.

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