Cool Baby Clothes for 9-12 Months

If you're buying cool baby clothes for a baby between 9-12 months it's likely you've been invited to a first birthday party or a Christmas gathering. Choosing clothes for this age group means being aware that they are crawling. Most of them will be starting to stand and take a few steps by the 12 month old stage but the majority of the time will still be spent crawling.

In terms of sizing these are the most appropriate to choose from - US 12m or 18m, UK 9-12, EU 80, JAP 80, AUS 0. Babies in the 12 month old category are generally 17 1/2 - 24 pounds (7.9-10.8kg) and 29-31 in (74-78cm).

Some great clothing options for this age group include:

By this stage they are very adept crawlers and can usually zoom along at quite a speed so an option instead of clothing could be to get some leg warmers to protect that delicate skin, particularly if the child is living in a house with wooden or tiled floors as opposed to carpeted floors. These can also be used as arm warmers for babies who are particularly irritable having clothes pulled over their head.

For little girls the whole dress or skirt option is not a good choice unless it's quite short. Normally these short ones will come with some frilly diaper/nappy covers in the same material which can look really cute. They can also be worn with tights underneath (or leg warmers) to keep baby warmer.

By this age there is a greater range of clothes that are starting to move more toward the toddler look including jeans and shirts. These can be great if the baby is starting to get quite long, however dungarees/overalls are still great for the parent as they don't keep falling off the baby while they're crawling around. make sure they have an opening at the bottom though for diaper changing, it's quite hard work taking them off and putting them back on just for a wet diaper.

Shoes are also quite a nice alternative when you're trying to buy cool baby clothes, however the sizing is really difficult as all manufacturers are slightly different and some babies may have look like they fit quite a small size but the may be so chubby that the shoe doesn't fit over the top of the foot even if the length is right, so this is an option more if you know what the baby is already fitting into. Another great choice is the socks with the little bits of gripping patterned on the bottom as these are more likely to fit the baby.

Hats and sunglasses are the ultimate option for cool baby clothes, keeping baby cool all summer. Some babies dislike having anything on their head so try to find hats that have a tie on them. For the sunglasses, it is a great idea to them in a gender neutral color so that they can be used for the next baby.

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Cool Baby Clothes for 9-12 Months

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Cool Baby clothes for 9-12 month olds