Cute Baby Clothes
for 3-6 Months

Okay, so if you're looking to buy cute baby clothes for a 3-6 month old you've probably been slow in remembering to send something to your friend's baby (technically it will be baby clothes not newborn clothes which you are sending!), maybe it's christmas time or you're a grandparent who just can't stop themselves getting something every few months!

In this age group the clothes sizes are US 6m or 9m, UK 3-6m, EU 62 or 68, JAP 60 or 70, AUS 00. 6 month old babies are between 14-19 1/2 pounds (6.4-8.3kg), and 25 1/2-27in (65-69cm).By this age, the baby will be more alert and starting to kick more and roll over. Some cute baby clothes that are appropriate for them include:

Bibs – at this age they may be able to pull them off on their own so it can be useful to have them with a button or a firm press stud rather than Velcro as this is more difficult to remove. Also, some babies necks are fatter than others, and of course they will grow so getting one that has several spots to fasten it and can be used on smaller or larger children can be good. If the baby is closer to 6 months you can even get those harder plastic bibs with a little shelf which catch the food scraps!

If the child is in a hotter climate sunglasses, swimsuits and hats can be good. The earlier the baby is introduced to these the more likely they are to wear them without protest (nothing more frustrating than trying to protect that gorgeous skin if the baby decides he doesn't like wearing the hat....)

A clip to attach the dummy/pacifier to the child’s clothes is a great option if you're looking for gift basket fillers. At this age they are still being spat out accidentally (or deliberately in the older ages), ending up on the floor and unusable.

Pants and tops are the best choice if you haven’t yet seen the child as long children don’t always fit into onesies. At this age, if the baby is not born in summer, the styles which enclose the feet are great because they keep the feet and legs warm. Pants and tops are particularly cute baby clothes for boys, and the styles are continually improving.

Little girls look gorgeous in baby dresses. Look for a set that includes a diaper cover as well, these are perhaps one of the cutest outfits a little girl can be dressed in.

Singlet suits are a great option as they can be worn under clothing or by themselves, so you can get a larger size if you're unsure and the baby will get wear out of it no matter which season they start to wear it.

Long socks are harder for the child to pull off or wriggle out of. An even better choice is a set of tights or leggings as these can't be pulled off very easily at all.

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Cute Baby Clothes for 3-6 Month Olds

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Cute Baby Clothes for 3-6 month olds