Decorating a Nursery

Decorating a nursery is so much fun, the expectation of this newborn enjoying the room which has been created for them is half the fun. There are so many accessories available which make a boring old room a bright and cheerful nursery. You can use things like wall decals, hampers, window valances and pillows, toys, mobiles, bouncers and play mats which are all themed.

A good way of choosing the best baby gift to give is to ask the parents if they plan to theme their nursery and then you can choose one of the accessories that go with that theme. This page has the owl theme as a suggestion, but there are plenty to choose from including jungle, sheep, monkeys, farm animals and sea creatures.

Most Baby Bedding available these days will include cot bumpers, blankets and sheets. If you know that the main bedding has not yet been purchased you may wish to organize a few people to put in some money to buy this item as a baby shower gift.

If you know that these have already been purchased you may wish to get some extra sheet sets. Newborns and young babies may need a few sets of sheets over night as they may wet through their diaper or vomit on their sheets. The easiest way for new parents to deal with this is to make the bed with four layers: the mattress protector, sheets, mattress protector and sheets. Most bedding sets only come with one set of sheets, but will have extra fitted and flat sheets available. This is a great gift for new parents decorating a nursery, which, because most cribs can be converted into toddler beds, will be used for years to come

Another option is a decorative nursery pillow. Once you know the theme that is going to be used, you can find plenty of beautiful decorative pillows available. Although the baby is unlikely to lie on these pillows, they will be used as the baby learns to sit up, softening the falls that are bound to happen.

Most babies will sleep in a sleep sack, which keeps them warm despite their wriggling little legs kicking blankets off. These are available as plain colours, but many are also themed and can fit in well with the rest of the theme in the nursery.

An essential part of any nursery is the changing table changing pad. When decorating a nursery many parents don't realise they will need a few covers for their changing pad, and there are plenty of themed covers to choose from. These are a great gift, beautifying one of those baby necessities, they will be used countless times each day.

Baby window valances are an easy way help with decorating a nursery. They are often available in the same themes as the crib sheets and really give that finishing touch to a window.

Mobiles also brighten a room up. They are great for hanging above a changing table, keeping newborns amused during change time. If you give one that needs to hang from the roof, consider also giving the hook and fishing wire to hang it. New parents will be very busy too, so if your gift will be given after the birth you may also consider offering to put it up for the new family.

Wall decals are another very simple way of decorating a nursery. They are quicker, more creative and cheaper than painting and are also easier to remove or replace as the child gets older. They are easy to find in themes matching the baby bedding and are a fun way to brighten the room.wall art

Activity mats come in beautiful bright colors and are a "toy" that will be used for at least the first six months. There are many themed mats available now and these will be a fun, useful baby gift.

A hamper is another baby necessity. Be it used for dirty clothes or storage these need not be just a boring piece of furniture. Bright colors and patterns are a must for a nursery.

There are other random decorations available for the nursery including humidifiers, lights lights, book ends and money banks.

If in doubt you could also get something not used for the nursery but still filling the theme. Mom will need a diaper bag and there are plenty of great designs. These are another baby necessity which will be used every day, but they are also a fashion statement.

Toys are a fun gift to give a newborn. Given the variety of themes that might be chosen for a nursery, a toy is a very easy gift to give which will complement it easily.

Clothes are another gift which can be matched to a theme. There are many baby clothes with animals on them and they are just too cute on the special new arrival. Check out the baby clothes page for some ideas on which clothes are appropriate to give as gifts.

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Decorating a Nursery