Educational Baby Toys
for 6-9 Month Olds

It is important to choose your educational baby toys with care because again in this age group most toys will be put in their mouth so make sure that it is not so small it could be swallowed, and not so big and heavy that the baby can't lift it on their own. 6-9 month olds can sit up, are starting to crawl and be able to grasp and explore their toys more. I tend to avoid toys with long hair which could be sucked off. Any mom who's had an accidental hickey from their hungry baby will tell you how strong their baby's suck is!

Stacking Rings. It is very exciting as a parent to watch your child learn how to stack rings, and these toys are great toys for a combination of fine motor and gross motor control development.

Nesting Boxes are also great for 6-9 month olds. They have a fascination for pulling things out of and putting things back into boxes. These toys also give the baby an introduction to space and volume concepts.

Balls are a fun toy for the baby, They won't be able to catch the ball yet, but they can certainly throw it!

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