Funky Baby Clothes
for 6-9 Months

If you're buying funky baby clothes for 6-9 month olds it's likely you're seeing this child for something like Christmas or their baptism.

The sizes appropriate for this age group are: US 9m or 12m, UK 6-9m, EU 68 thru 74, JAP 70 or 80, AUS 00. 9 month olds are anywhere from 16-22 pounds (7.2-10kg), and 27 1/2 - 29 1/2in (70-75cm) .

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To buy funky baby clothes for this age group is a completely different challenge to buying newborn clothes for than the younger ages. They will be doing many things like crawling and eating solids so here are some tips for gift givers:

Learning to crawl means skirts and dresses can be inappropriate for little girls as their legs will get caught in the fabric around their knees, so if you go down this road make sure they're not too long. Wearing leggings or leg warmers will look after that beautiful soft skin though. If it's a summer dress you're after then there are some gorgeous bloomers that go with them. Funky baby clothes that show off your cute diaper cover are so cute and never again will the child be allowed to respectably show off their bottom!

They are also much more likely to try to undress themselves by this age, so firm fastenings mean the parent isn’t always redressing their child, but remember too that this age group wriggle a lot more whilst having their diaper changed so ease of fastening is a must.

Trousers can also fall down, or not cover the baby's diaper well, so rompers, overalls or dungarees can be very useful at this stage, and are funky baby clothes. No other age group can really get away with wearing overalls and looking funky at the same time! As with all onesies for the newborns, make sure you know how long the child is if you choose this option, or make sure the straps over the shoulders have several fastening lengths. Also make sure there are fastenings in the crotch to save the parents taking them off completely just to change a diaper.

Socks can be difficult for this age group as they can be very easily kicked off or so tight that they cut into the baby's ankles. They can also be quite slippery for the baby as they start to try to crawl. This is why tights can be great to keep their little legs warm as well as their feet. Also, as these babies are starting to crawl more now, a set of leg warmers is a great idea as is both keeps the legs warm, can be pulled down over their toes, and helps to protect their delicate skin when they start scraping their legs over various surfaces. Or they can be used as arm warmers for babies who are particularly irritable having sleeves pulled onto their arms.

Hats that have a tie under the chin so they can’t be pulled off immediately, and sunglasses with a band around the back of the baby's head are great for parents in warmer climates. It's quite difficult to keep your baby out of the sun!

Bibs that are buttoned or have a strong press stud, and also ones that fit most sizes – some children’s necks are very chubby - are good choices as this is the age that children are starting to get solids and so are also starting to get teeth. This means lots of drool and lots of food end up down their fronts, messing up those cute baby clothes! The harder plastic ones are great for this as they catch any food that's not in the mouth.

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Funky Baby Clothes for 6-9 Months

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Funky Baby Clothes for 6-9 month olds