Gifts For New Dads

Gifts for new dads can be hard to buy, after all most dads will not be the main child rearer and will be back at work soon after the birth (probably quite sleep deprived). In these cases it can be more fun to get him some gag gifts or perhaps something personalized with his baby such as a photo brag book, personalized mug or keychain to take to work. There are other Practical Gifts such as cook books or Child Rearing Dad Gifts such as a dad's diaper bag that can be more useful gifts for dad's who will be at home more often.

Gag Gifts For New Dads

There are some great gag gifts for new dads available these days. Survival Kits are probably my favorite. They usually include something like a pair of rubber gloves to deal with the dirty diapers, a peg for his nose to help him deal with the smell of the dirty diapers and so on. You could put one of these together yourself or alternatively purchase one online.

There is also a wide variety of new dad tee shirts and mugs available these days. They range from fairly stock standard "new dad" to some very funny designs.

Some other fun gifts for new dads are the Rockabye Baby! Lullabye renditions of various bands. There are versions of Metallica, Bon Jovi, Coldplay and Queen just to name a few. The music is made with the same chords and melody as the originals but with calm, electric keyboard and strings sounds; and no singing. This is a great gift for a new dad who's very interested in music.

Practical Gifts

In those initial months it's quite possible that the new mom will be quite overwhelmed with taking care of the baby and may not have the energy to cook. It then falls to dad to both provide by going to work and getting food for dinner. It's most likely that the new family are used to being on two incomes and have suddenly switched back to one so eating take out every night may not be an option. Putting together a simple recipe book of quick, nutritious and easy to cook meals could be a godsend for the new dad.

He's also likely to be wanting to spend as much time as possible with his baby and if mom is having trouble keeping up with the washing and cleaning this will take time away from his bonding if he's having to also clean on a weekend. An IOU booklet of chores would make a lovely gift.

Child Rearing Dad Gifts

If you know that dad will be staying at home while mom goes back to work this opens up a whole different range of gift ideas. A diaper bag for the new dad can be a great gift, or you may choose a sling or baby carrier for dad. Of course he's also going to need bottles to feed the baby so you may decide to go for a sterilizer or set of faster flow teats for the baby as it gets older.


Many men don't realise how nice it is to have a massage. Given they are now carrying around a baby and are probably not sleeping as well as they used to this can be a great gift to give.

One of the hardest things for men though as their baby comes into the world is suddenly having a whole lot less time with their wife. A lot of time and energy is spent feeding and soothing the new baby and most mom's are running on very little sleep. A great way for the new parents to reconnect is to give them a voucher for a night out at a hotel and/or restaurant and offer to look after the baby.

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