Gifts For New Moms

When buying a gifts for new moms it's a good idea to decide which type of gift you'd like to buy. You may opt for some useful items or clothes for breastfeeding, or perhaps you'd like to go for something more pampering like a massage voucher. Some new moms may really need baby furniture and equipment or you could give a keepsake of the new babies time such as a photo album or frame. Whatever you decide, any gift given to a new mom is always appreciated! Below are some suggestions:

Baby Slings - Baby slings are such a useful item for new parents. Most babies love to be snuggled up close to their mom or dad and using a sling allows the parents to continue on with daily chores. There are several types including ring slings, wraps and soft structured carriers. In general the ring sling and wrap types are useful more in the early months, whereas the more structured types are better for the older heavier baby.

Organic Toiletries - Most new mothers have been looking after themselves very well during their pregnancy, avoiding chemicals and certain foods, and why not continue after the birth. After all, the baby will be in contact with their skin so it is nice to avoid them coming into contact with harsh chemicals.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets make a delicious and unique gift for any new mom. You will have a wide assortment to choose from so you can impress her with your thoughtfulness.

Mommy Jewelry - comes in many shapes and sizes. Most are necklaces but these can simply say "mom" on them or they can be personalized, either with writing or the baby's fingerprint or photo engraved. These are a beautiful keepsake which some mom's choose to wear daily.

If you're looking for personalized jewelry for mom the most common items are rings or necklaces. You could choose something with her birthstone and that of the baby or something which can be engraved with a photo of the newborn.

Diaper Bag - Given how necessary these are there are still a lot of ugly diaper bags about! When choosing gifts for new moms just remember - they aren't any less fashionable just because they now have a new baby! These are a great accessory and if chosen well can make all the difference for an easy trip to the shops while still feeling fashionable. Alternatively, if you're unsure about her fashion sense why not take her out to help you choose the gift?

Post-Natal Massage - Having gone through the birthing process, having a lack of sleep and suddenly carrying around a bundle of joy can be quite wearing on a mom's body. One of the most pampering gifts for new mom's is a post-natal massage. If you can find a mobile masseus, or one which has a creche attached all the better. If not, you could perhaps offer to babysit while the pampering takes place!

Breast Feeding Clothes - If you know the new mom is likely to breast feed and hasn't got much appropriate clothing yet, a great gift is to help her get suited up. There are some beautiful bras available these days, and she will certainly be needing a few. Other options include tops and dresses. Remember to check her size or hang onto the receipt so you can change them over if necessary. An easier option is to take the new mom out to the shops and mind the baby while she tries things on - it can be quite challenging to use a change room with a stroller taking up most of the space and a screaming baby to boot!

Breast Feeding Paraphernalia - Another great gift choice. You may wish to include a feeding pillow or rocking chair, a new DVD (she's going to be spending a lot of time feeding and it won't always be easy to use both hands to hold a book and read!), some cooling breast pads to soothe and pains from the milk coming in or mastitis rearing it's ugly head or absorbent breast pads to stop any leakage. For some useful breastfeeding information visit Breastfeeding Babies

Unusual and fun gifts for new moms

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