Best Gifts for Newborns
Baby Toys for 0-3 Month Olds

When choosing gifts for newborns, the 0-3 month old category is the most common for people to buy for. The toys that this age group use are fairly restricted and some babies won't be even interested in toys til later in this group or more into the 3-6 month group, but they are still valuable for the new parent to help distract their newborn from whatever has upset them!

During the first few months of life a child can focus on an object 8-10 inches away, but does not see detail, so it’s good to have bright contrasting colors with defined edges when choosing gifts for newborns. Different textures are good, and toys with hard bits to chew on are very useful as they will make the toy good for teething as the baby gets older.

Toys with obvious, bright, pictures of faces. Again this is a developmental thing. The newborns mind is focused on it's parents faces initially and very quickly learns that there are other faces around them. They like to look at eyes mostly, so toys with big eyes are great to get their attention and hold it.

Toys that make a noise can cut through a baby's tears, even when their eyes are closed. Something with a button that is pushed once and then plays music or makes sound is great for the stressed parent so they don't have to keep shaking things (like rattles), but a ring or small rattle can be held by a young baby much easier than something which is an odd shape.

Newborns also enjoy flashing lights. There are lots of toys which have various combinations of flashing lights and this can be one of the best gifts for newborns.

Rattles come in all shapes and sizes, the ones that attach to the child’s wrist or ankle can be useful for encouraging movement. The type that the parent rattles for the child are better if the noise continues for a while so the parent doesn’t have to constantly move.

Squeeze or sucking toys are great gifts for newborns as the most highly developed sensory part in their brain is the part for the tongue and mouth - hence the way children always stick things in their mouths. It's like they are feeling the object.

Lullabies, nursery rhymes, poems, be they a book or a CD/DVD are great , particularly for a first time parent. I can't honestly remember many nursery rhymes myself and I would personally probably need the cd! Babies who are screaming often calm really well with some music, particularly if the parent is singing it.

A mobile or bright, movable objects that can attach to the crib, playpen, pram/stroller etc. These rock, and are my personal favourite when choosing gifts for newborns. The ones that can attach to the pram or baby capsule really brighten up those boring but necessary baby movers and the newborns love them.

Music boxes. Again these are great gifts for newborns because they can help calm a screaming child or get them to sleep.

Soft stuffed toys or dolls. The classic newborn gift. It's all about the faces on these things. There are heaps of different kinds to choose from, just remember the clearly defined edges and colors.

Child-safe activity mirrors. This is an interesting one. It's all about the face again, but the parent gets to watch the newborn's development, because at some stage they will realise they're looking at themselves. There are also special ones to be fitted into the car so the parents can see the baby. This is excellent for knowing whether or not the baby has fallen asleep.

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