Homemade Baby Toys
Instructions for Tag Toys

Tag toys, the easiest homemade baby toys to make:

- Choose some brightly colored material (patchwork squares are great for this purpose) and ribbons and prewash.

Cut out two squares, around 3 inches square will do.

- Cut several bits of ribbon that are about 2 inches long. It is nice to have some varying color and widths, but not necessary. Stick with ribbon that is at least half an inch thick.

- Place the squares right side together.

- Fold the ribbon pieces in half and place them between the two layers of fabric, with the looped end inside.

- Pin everything in place, sew around the edges leaving an inch unsewn so you can turn the fabric right side out.

Once turned out, hand stitch the inch you left. Easy hey!

- If you want to be even more exciting with this easy toy you can put a layer of cellophane against one of the squares (on the wrong side so it ends up inside the toy and doesn't get sucked on) to make the toy noisy when it's held.

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Homemade Baby Toys - Instructions for Tag Toys