Best Infant Toys for
3-6 Month Olds

Infant toys for the 3-6 month old age group are a lot more interesting than newborn toys, but they still need to be easy to grip. Something too irregular in shape can be hard for babies to hold and will mean that their parents need to "play" with it for them. In general toys that are a simple ring are the easiest to grip, but there are a few other fail safe infant toys for babies in the the 3-6 month old category!

The child is beginning to move more easily, and crawling is the next step so go for toys that encourage this movement and learning. Infant toys which are good options for this age group include:

Rings to hold and shake are a very easy toy for 3-6 month old hands to grasp. They are small enough in diameter to get a strong grip on and also not too complex in shape to confuse newly grasping little fingers. You can also find the type that can be put in the fridge as a teether.

Activity mats - these are mats with a mobile that can be set up over them. They encourage physical activity, such as kicking and can sometimes come with flashing lights or mirrors. There are also tummy time versions of these mats with a little cushion to prop the baby up while they are getting used to being on their tummy.

Teething toys - The most popular teether in France, made since the early 1960's, Sophie the Giraffe is excellent. Made from rubber and food dye it is an easy toy to grasp and baby's love them. There are several different shapes available in the range now.

Hard cardboard, fabric or soft vinyl books. The vinyl books can be better as they can be taken into the bath. The fabric books available can also have bits that can be taken out and put back in i.e. farm animals etc.

Toys that make noise when hit or squeezed - again getting the child to start to move more, and also giving them feedback that their movements make things happen!

Toys with friendly faces - this is what our brains are hardwired to respond to, so it makes the toy immediately more friendly and likeable for the baby.

Child safe mirror - some babies really love mirrors, and they are a great tool for parents to begin teaching the child about themselves.

This age group can focus on objects a bit further away than the newborns but it is still useful to have bright contrasting colors with defined edges. Different textures are good too, particularly toys with hard bits to chew on as the hormones for teething begin floating around at about this age and most children will have at least one tooth through by 6 months.

Lights and noise can help cut through those tantrum screams too, and something where only one button is pressed and the toys plays for 30 seconds helps the parent not have to sit there shaking a rattle continuously!

Make sure the toys are safe in the mouth. With teeth coming on and the biggest part of the brain devote to the feeling in the mouth, this age group automatically put everything in! One toy I've seen was a dog with very skinny/string legs and big dangling paws which is a choking risk so try to avoid this type of toy.

Remember too, many children get very attached to their favorite toy so when buying infant toys, it can sometimes be good not to get something that is so unique it’s irreplaceable!

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