Newborn Clothing and Diaper Necessities

Newborn Clothing - Check out the Newborn Clothing page for more ideas and advice about sizing. Onesies are the most common clothes to buy a newborn. These all in one suits are adorable, and every newborn will need several of them (some days they may go through a few changes of clothes depending on how well their diaper fits their tiny bottom initially, or how much milk they bring up). They are a simple, classic outfit on a newborn, the phrase one your gift card might be something like "saving you from constantly tucking in baby's shirt".

Diaper Bags - When mom is out and about she needs a bag to put all the diaper necessities in. These can be really functional, but also really trendy.

Change Pads - When it comes to newborn clothing and diaper necessities not many people think of the comfort of a changing pad for the newborn. These are essential items for moms who want to get out and about, making it easy to keep surfaces clean while changing the baby's diaper. Some of them come with little pouches to put wipes and diapers in, meaning that for quick car trips this is all mom needs to take with her.

Disposable Diapers - Newborns normally go through 6-8 diapers a day, so this is one of those incredibly practical gifts to give. It is important to ascertain whether the parents are planning to use disposable or cloth diapers first. There are many beautiful Diaper Cakes available these days, or instructions for making one take a look at the Diaper Cake page , and these can be great centre-pieces at a baby shower, or you may choose to put some in a basket with other baby necessities. A few phrases come to mind for diapers - "containing the mess so there's more quality time with your baby" or for something more abstract/funny "containing the fallout to limit collateral damage". In terms of newborn clothing and diaper necessities these are the biggest item. The most commonly bought brands are Huggies or Pampers. The cheaper brands tend to leak around the legs more.

Dirty Diaper Bags and disposal systems - those little plastic bags that the soiled diaper is put into once it has been replaced are essential items for the disposal of the dirty diaper! So many people don't even think of buying these, and yet for someone planning on using disposable diapers they are essential! In the house, there will need to be somewhere to put all those dirty diapers too.

Baby Wipes - not just useful for bottoms, but also for faces and clothes with vomit on them. These will be used every day, and if you are giving them as a gift, why not check out the slightly more expensive ones with no perfume or petrochemicals on them, babies have very sensitive skin after all.

Cloth Diapers - If you know the new parents are opting for cloth diapers then this is a great gift to give as the initial expense of acquiring enough to get through a few days before a wash is done can be quite a hurdle for some new parents as there are a lot of extra diaper necessities when using cloth diapers. There are many different types. Firstly natural fibres or man made. The natural fibres are usually bamboo or cotton. These take longer to dry and some couples choose to use a combination of these with the man made fibres.

The other thing to keep in mind is whether or not the diaper is one size or if you need to get a sized diaper - the newborn size is usually best for newborns but obviously won't last as long as the one size.

Once decided on these options you need to check out if the diaper needs a waterproof cover or is an all in one which includes this cover. Some diapers, such as prefolds or terry towel squares, need a cover as well as a fastener.

Finally, the diaper bag wouldn't be complete without a waterproof bag for the dirty diapers to be transported home in, and some cloth wipes to clean up baby's behind.

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