Newborn Clothing for 0-3 Months

Buying newborn clothing can be a bit daunting, however it needn't be difficult. If you understand what the baby is likely to be doing most at this stage of their lives, it's easy to purchase the most appropriate clothing for them! Firstly think about sizing. There are several different sizes you may wish to choose from in this age group including preemie, newborn or 0-3 months. For more information about sizing in different countries scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Newborn clothes come in all different sizes and shapes, so think like a new parent and you'll be likely to get something useful and cute! One of the most important things to be aware of is how difficult clothes might be to put on a squirming baby, for instance clothing that fastens around the lower back and bottom can be difficult to do up and if there are large buttons or bows around the middle back these may be quite uncomfortable for the baby to sit or lie against making them irritable.

Keeping all these things in mind, the best types of clothes for babies in this age group include:

Dresses for little girls are excellent because they are so easy to change the diapers. Most come with bloomers/diaper covers and look just gorgeous.

Onesies are a gorgeous gift for a newborn as they are only really likely to wear them in this age group. Most newborns will outgrow the newborn sizing within only a few weeks even if they aren't chubby as their length increases dramatically after birth, so the 0-3 month sizing is a better choice.

You can go for suits with short or long sleeves, and with legs or no legs. This is perhaps the most gorgeous of all baby clothing and is very practical as the parents won't have to keep pulling the newborn's top down or pants up again.

Babies don’t often like having things pulled over their head. To minimize this, you can purchase the do up the front bodysuits. Another alternative is to make sure the head hole is quite large, either having snap closures across the shoulder or the cross over material as shown in the designs on this page.

Another thing to consider when choosing the clothes is that many other people will be likely to give the newborn some clothes, so perhaps getting something a little different could be a good idea.

Consider buying a sleeping bag for baby to sleep in rather than clothes. When considering the different types I would lean towards zip up ones, not button ones as the baby's feet may get caught if they kick around a lot. Also let the parents know what the hole in them is for - my friend didn't realize she could safely buckle her child into the car seat using this hole, very useful information and she was grateful and excited!

Socks are hard to buy for babies as they can easily wriggle out of them as they get older and it is also difficult to find socks with elastic that won't dig into the newborns legs. Instead try looking at booties. Try to find ones with long but comfortable elasticated material which comes up the calf, again so the baby can't accidentally wriggle out of it.

Premature Babies - US Preemie, EU and JAP 46, AUS 00000. These babies are generally up to 7lbs (3kg) and they range from 10-18in (25-46cm). These newborn clothes are seriously small, and usually only the tiniest newborn babies will fit into this size for a few weeks, so in general don't worry about this size unless the newborn is more than 5 weeks premature as they are the only babies who will use this size for any great length of time. If you would like to buy something for a really tiny and very premature baby, buying from a manufacturer who specializes in premature newborn clothes may be best.

Newborn - US Newborn or 3m, UK 0, EU 56, JAP 50 or 60, AUS 0000. These babies are 6-8.5 pounds (2.8-3.9kg), and are 19-21" (48-53cm). These are the most common newborn clothes sizes. The average newborn baby is just under this weight and length, although you can get those whopping great 13 pounders (.....) so be cautious with this size, they'll only use it for a short time.

0 - 3 Months - US 3m or 6m, UK 0-3m, EU 62, JAP 60, AUS 000. At 3 months old, babies range between 11-14 1/2 pounds (5.1-7.2kg), and 23-24.5" (58-62cm). This is that time of their life where they will be changed quite often so it doesn't matter if everyone gives the parents newborn clothing in this size, they'll still use the majority of them.

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