Organic Baby Clothes

When choosing a gift for a baby, organic baby clothes are a lovely, eco friendly choice. Not only is the baby not exposed to the harsh chemicals that can remain on the fabric after processing, such as pesticides, you are also choosing a gift which has a more sustainable production. Apart from avoiding pesticides which enter the ground and water supply at the farm, there is also less petrochemicals required to produce organically grown fabric. Petrochemicals are used in the production of the pesticides, but also in the production of non plant based fabrics.

There are several fabrics available which are produced organically. Firstly, the one everyone knows, organic cotton. This is the most commonly available fabric on the market, and there are many organic baby clothes made from it. The only downside to cotton production is the amount of water needed, so keep this in mind when making your choice.

The next fabric which most people have heard of before is hemp. Made from the marijuana plant, this fabric is a little less common on the market, but still a lovely choice if you find some. It is a slightly heavier material and can be a great option for summer baby clothing in the less hot climates.

Now for two of the newer fabrics on the market. The first is bamboo. This is an absolutely beautiful material. Soft, and floppy, it is very soothing for a newborns skin. The great advantage of bamboo over cotton is that it requires so much less water for it's production.

Finally soy fabric. Again this is a lovely, soft, floppy fabric ideal for organic baby clothing. It has the great advantage of being produced from the by products of soy milk and food production. Both soy and bamboo material are well know for their moisture wicking properties which make them ideal for baby clothes.

Of course, going natural doesn't mean you have to miss out on fun, there are some great designs out there for babies which are funky, but still eco friendly.

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