Organic Baby Gifts

In this world of ever increasing rates of asthma and allergies, organic baby gifts have become a very popular choice. Not only are they less likely to cause an allergic reaction in the newborn baby, they are also a more environmentally friendly gift choice. These days you can choose from a wide range of organic products for babies and new moms, knowing they will not contain harmful chemicals.

This page is dedicated to the benefits of organic skin care, feeding and diapering options, but for more information about other types of organic gifts click on the following links:

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The most important of organic baby gifts is their skin care and toiletries. This is because baby skin is so sensitive and absorbs very quickly any chemicals placed on it. Some products that will be needed include shampoo, soap or bath lotion, moisturizer, soothing balm for any nappy rash and sunscreen for certain climates. A new baby will also need diapers and liners, wipes and eco friendly disposable bags.

Apart from buying for the newborn, you may also like to include some organic skin care for the new mom. When she is moisturizing she will want to make sure she is using a product which, when the baby inevitably sucks her skin at some point, does not expose her newborn to harsh chemicals. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that newborns have an extremely keen sense of smell and strongly smelling products may not be appropriate in the early days of establishing breastfeeding (if that is what the mother is intending). She will also need to get some breast pads and sanitary napkins which are also available as eco friendly products.

The harmful chemicals to watch out for in skin care include sodium laureth sulphate, sodium laurel sulphate and propylene glycol just to name a few. Click here for a more comprehensive list and explanation of the harmful effects of these types of chemicals.

Another option worth considering for the eco-friendly type parent is contributin to a cloth diapering system. Although they save money in the long term, the initial start up cost can be a bit daunting for parents about to go down to one income. Not all modern cloth nappies use organic material, however they usually use bamboo and hemp fabric as these materials hold more fluid and also have antibacterial properties. If you're looking for something a little unusual but practical you could consider buying reusable wipes (a little like small face washers).

If you know the parents aren't interested in cloth diapering the other greener option for diapers are the compostable diapers. These are made out of byproducts from industries such as the corn industry and have less chemicals in them to irritate baby's skin.

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