Organic Baby toys

Organic baby toys are a fabulous baby gift idea. All new parents want the best for their baby and if they are educated about chemicals they are most likely to be trying to avoid things like cheap plastic toys, going instead for a few very good quality toys. There are a few different types of toys to choose from - soft toys made from organic materials such as cotton, or wooden toys made from sustainable timber such as bamboo and rubber trees.

There are many brands of organic baby toys and all have a similar ethos of eco-friendly sustainability.


These beautiful soft toys are made of organic cotton in both plush and knit varieties. They have the classic toy look that is reminiscent of toys from the fifties. These are the type of toys which will be loved for years to come, being held onto for generations.

MiYim have also just created Dr Suess characters The Cat in The Hat and Horton the Elephant. The classic look and feel of these soft toys pays homage to the talents of the 1940's Dr Suess tales.

Under the Nile

Under the Nile also use organic cotton, and stock not only organic baby toys but also baby clothes. There are toys for the younger baby and newborn such as lovies and teething rings, but their most exciting range is that for the older baby - the fruit and vegetables. Teaching babies from this early age the beauty and fun of healthy eating is such a wonderful gift to give.


Dandelion toys are made from both organic cotton and bamboo fibres. Bamboo is a sustainable material that has been in use for some time now. It makes incredibly soft fibre for toys and clothes. All their toys are made with a corn filling (and with so much corn sold in the world it is a good thing there is something that can be done with all the by products of it's production).

The two toys that set Dandelion apart from other organic baby toy manufacturers are their corn toys and their developmental toys. The corn toys are like a hard plastic toy but made from corn and so are much more sustainable and eco friendly. The developmental toys are beautiful stacking, geometric and shape sorting toys which create such a rich, stimulating play for babies.


Wonderworld toys are made from rubber wood. This is harvested from rubber trees which are no longer producing rubber and would be cut down anyway. There are several different categories that they make including trucks, educational and push and pull toys. Wooden toys are another keepsake toy that will be passed down the generations, particularly toys of this quality.

Green Toys

Made from recycled milk containers, Green Toys are able to provide those fabulous plastic toys like tool boxes and food they also do trucks and blocks.. Move over Duplo and Tonka, these well designed, eco-friendly alternatives are on the up and up.

Apple Park

Made from organic cotton, these baby toys are perfect for even newborns. Including blocks, rattles, teethers and plush toys, Apple park also have a range of books made from recycled materials and featuring their plush animal toys.


Hand made, these beautiful wooden toys are made from Hale wood and Rubber wood due to their fast growth and light weight. All the dyes are made from naturally occurring colours in food. Their educational toys are sure to be a welcome gift for any baby.

Maple Landmark

Made in the USA from offcuts, these toys are sustainably produced. Wooden toys last for generations and these are the type of toys which will be loved for years by any baby. Everything from tethers, rattles, rocking horses and trains.

Plan Toys

Made from rubber wood, these sustainable, eco-friendly toys are then glued together with non toxic glue and coloured with soy and water based inks. Known by parents for their simple style and bright, baby friendly colors, these toys are both educational and fun to play with. Excellent educational and push and pull toys.

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