Religious Baby Gifts

Have you been invited to a Baptism? Looking for religious baby gifts? Not sure what to get your soon to be god-child? Rest assured there are plenty of options available!

Some traditional christening and baptism gifts to choose from are included in the list below:

Often the first gift which comes to mind is a rosary. These are a gift which will continue to be used over the years to come. A personalized baby pin, bracelet or necklace is another lovely gift which will become a keepsake.

A bible is also going to be used over the long term and there are some really lovely bibles available with protective and decorative boxes. Another book idea is a baby's first book of prayers.

You may decide to get the baby their christening outfit. There are lovely gowns and bonnets available which can also become a family keepsake. If the baby already has an outfit, you may choose to buy some booties instead.

Other gift ideas include of course your greeting card, but you may also choose to get a photo frame, a toy or even some music.

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