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9-12 Months Old

The biggest thing to remember when buying toys for baby in the 9-12 month old group is that they are just about to walk and talk. They are also at the age where they want to do everything their parents are doing (hence Baby Chino’s). Their increased ability means there are more categories of toys which will be appropriate for them. Here are some different ideas:

Bead Maze Cubes - Made from wood with bright colors, these toys are fabulous for babies who are starting to move around more. The height of the bead maze when sitting on top of the cube allows for play whilst standing, and the beads themselves along with all the other activities on the sides of the cube really help to develop a baby's fine motor control skills.

Things to push and pull on wheels - these types of toys really encourage the child to move around and are a wonderful gift. You can get quite small toys on wheels with strings to pull them by, or a little cart with a handle that the baby can put blocks and toys in, or you can just start off baby's truck collection.

Books - Books are great toys for baby in this age range. Flip the flap cardboard books are the best as the baby begins to want to be involved in turning the pages and interacting with the reading session. Bath books are also still great for the baby as bath time is often quite a lot of fun. Touch and feel books are also a lot of fun for babies, encouraging them to touch the pages. (Make sure you choose the Board book option when buying from Amazon, the default is often paperback).

Animal Toys - if you've ever heard a baby growl like a tiger or woof like a dog you'll understand how much fun animal toys are. These are great gifts for newborn babies and you can keep sending a different animal for each different birthday for the next few years!

Sorting toys (by size, color, shape, numbers etc.) - babies at this age are so smart it's amazing. Watching them learn how to put the blocks into the shape sorter or put the numbers in the puzzle with ever increasing ease is awesome to watch. A great learning toy, and who could forget playing with those Tupperware ones as a child?!

Time books or toys - it's never too young to start teaching babies about clocks, but this age group are more likely to enjoy moving the hands around than younger babies.

Connecting blocks like Duplo or Lego - these are fantastic toys for baby. These are a timeless toy, and a great learning toy for coordination, colors and spatial awareness, and they also allow total creativity for whatever stage the baby is at.

Puzzles - the easiest ones for babies in this age group to use are those wooden ones with a little handle on each piece and a shadow board to place the various pieces back into.

Plastic buckets and shovels - for use at the beach, in the sandpit and even for when the child imitates the parents gardening.

Baby sized kitchen utensils - as imitators, babies whose parents cook quite a lot will enjoy playing with these types of toys. They will usually come in a set.

Baby sized tools - like screw drivers and spanners, these help dad play with the baby, and are fun toys for baby if you are more of a friend of the father, or know that dad isn't as natural at playing with his baby!

Baby dolls - these often become the babies favorite toy and will often be taken on outings. This is important to remember and with these toys for baby is that you should get a common one so that it is easy to replace if lost!

Baby sized mobile phones, keys, wallets or bags - sometimes with these "toys" you can actually just get a small bag or purse that is actually designed for adults. These are particularly good for the little baby girls who love to imitate their mom and can be combined with the large necklace to make quite the cute little lady.

Bright hair ties and clips - these definitely belong in the toys for baby girls category! they do make a great gift that is light and small to post if you are far away from the child.

Baby sized table and chairs - gorgeous in any nursery and great for the baby whose is really becoming mobile and more happy to play by themselves.

Rocking horses - babies love these. Make sure you find one that is only short so the baby can get on and off on their own.

Inflatable pool - this is one of those toys for baby that can be fun for the whole family. Obviously not the best choice for a col climate, but for those in the warmer climes, it's time to splish splash!

Music – DVD’s, instruments and singalong books are all appropriate for babies this age, and this is a lovely gift even for babies whose parents aren't particularly musical.

Washable crayons, pencils, stickers, stamps, butchers paper and colouring books - another one of those educational toys for baby. It's amazing wathing the baby develop a sense of using different colors, and very slowly starting to color inside the lines!

Play Jewellery - this is usually more of a little girl toy. When choosing the beads keep in mind that it needs to be a very long string with fairly large beads if it's a necklace, and too big to fit in the mouth if it's a bracelet. Little girls this age love gaudy stuff, so bright and sparkly it is!

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