Traditional Wooden Toys

Though they are old fashioned, there are still so many beautiful traditional wooden toys for sale. The important thing to look out for in wooden toys is that they are safe for the child. Every baby puts their toys in their mouth and this means you have to be careful with the finishes on the toy.

For the newborns there are some beautiful mobiles, rattles and roll along toys with bells in them that make great rattles initially and can then be used witht he child as they get older.

For 3-6 month olds, you can get some great teething rattles. These babies are also starting to grasp objects and enjoy colorful toys so look for toys that are an easy size for a small hand to grab.

The 6-9 month old category is more diverse. There are figurines of people and animals, there are trains and trucks with carriages, wooden peg puzzles, push and pull toys, building blocks and hammer through toys. Some of the best toys for this age group are the wooden beads on thick, plastic coated wire on a wooden board. The baby pushes the beads from one end to another.

Finally the 9-12 month old age group are starting to move around more so you are looking for push and pull toys. They also recognize different animals so you may wish to start some zoo or jungle collections for them.

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