Trendy Baby Clothing

Being trendy means fitting well.

When buying trendy baby clothing, with this wonderful age of the internet and being able to buy so much online, it can sometimes be confusing to know which size to buy, particularly if buying for friends or family overseas. The following pages give ideas for clothing types and also the various different countries sizing guidelines together with the WHO guidelines on weight and height for 75% of babies.

Keep in mind when buying clothes for babies (as indeed for yourself!) that all manufacturers are slightly different in their sizing. In general American and French clothing is on the smaller end, English and Australian sizes are usually the larger sizing. I've factored this into my list but it is always safest use a manufacturer who publish their weight and length ranges for each size they sell (mind you, that's only useful if you have access to this information about the baby you're buying for). If not, and it all seems too confusing then just stay safe and go for a larger size than what you expect. Just keep in mind the season which the child is likely to be wearing the clothes.

For best use of your gift it can be a good idea to give a size that will fit the baby around six months old. This period of their life is the first time their growth rate slows and they stay in this size clothing for a much longer period of time.

So now to the sizing! Each of the pages below give you a guide for which sizes and which types of clothes are most appropriate for each age group, but so you understand the numbers, the American and English newborn clothes (US and UK) are the age ranges, European and Japanese baby clothes (EU and JAP) are the height in cm, and the Australian sizes (AUS), well they just have to be confusing and put lots of 0's in...

Clothes for 0-3 months Clothes for 3-6 months
Clothes for 6-9 months Clothes for 9-12 months

Here are some suggestions for six months or older. Trendy baby clothes don't have to be name brands, but there are some lovely outfits from name brands such as Calvin Klein that are great for babies attending special functions such as weddings or for those who have trendy parents wanting something really sophisticated for their baby to wear all the time. Another great option is organic baby clothes .

The other option is to get some cute shoe socks. These come in all sorts of styles, from ballet shoes to sandals to lace ups.

For some cute baby girl outfits there is no shortage of ruffles!

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