Unique Baby Bedding

There is a large range of unique baby bedding options to choose from, whether you’re wanting to get the new arrival a crib set or just a blanket. You can go for the jungle themed sets or the more traditional embroidered baby blanket.

Things to keep in mind when buying a blanket for the newborn include the climate the child is coming into. You may be best to get some fleece blankets or light cotton blankets depending on the time of year, and muslin wraps are a great option for those living in the tropics.

Embroidered baby blankets can be either personalized or embroidered with various cute designs. There are fleece blankets, or cotton, or you may prefer to go for the muslin swaddling cloths. Whatever the choice, a personalized baby blanket is a beautiful keepsake gift for the new family, and as an added extra can be useful for the parents if their child needs to go into day care fairly soon after birth.

If you want to go for a full set of unique baby bedding there are plenty to choose from. Baby Bedding Town has lots of themed categories including animals from the jungle or the farm, story book characters, nautical themes, classic looks or baby boy and baby girl bedding.

You can also get some sets that include options for curtains, rugs, valances and all sorts of other accessories, so for the really trendy mums this could be a great gift which you can keep adding to over time.

Another great and less thought of baby bedding solution is the baby sleep sack. These are a godsend for parents of a wriggly child as they know the blankets won’t end up over the baby’s face. There are several different kinds, some are like overalls, some like a bassinet liner with a zip, Whichever you go for, they will be a well loved addition to the new nursery.

Another practical, though less pretty looking bedding item that is great for babies being laid on their back all the time is a concave pillow to help the child avoid a flattened head. There are a few different brands of these pillows and they are designed for the really little babies so this is a great newborn welcoming gift.

Also practical, and very useful for a newborn whose parents have suffered from asthma, allergies and sinusitis, is a dust mite cover for the bed. You are bound to be the only person buying one for the baby, and it's certainly a unique baby bedding item!

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