Unusual Baby Gifts

Looking for unusual baby gifts? Don't want to purchase toys or clothes? Here is a list of some less common, more cool baby gifts to choose from:

Lullabye versions of Rock Music - Rockabye Baby have lullabye versions of all sorts of music, from Nirvana to Bob Marley, Coldplay to Led Zeppelin. If you want to get something truly unusual that will please new dads this is it.

Punk baby clothes
Punk baby clothing and gifts for some cool and unusual baby clothes!

Soothing baby music. This is great for parents of a restless child who is difficult to settle. You can get anything from whale or rainforest noises to Mozart, soothing keyboard music to white noise.

A donation to the parents favourite charity. This is the best unusual baby gift idea for parents who have a lot of disposable income (and so already have everything they need). Charities may include things like World Vision or Doctors Without Borders just to name a few.

Nursery decorations like letters or canvas art make a unique baby gift idea, they brighten up the nursery and are good for learning too. Wall stickers are foolproof and easy to apply for new parents who aren't very good with a hammer and nails.

Another beautiful way to brighten up a room that would also be a keepsake is a photo of the baby printed on a wall tile or puzzle, perhaps a pillow cover or even a piece of clothing. Snap Galaxy make this process easy online. Just upload your photo (or the parents favorite one) and choose the type of product you wish it to be printed on.


A living tree to mark the baby's birth. A fruit tree can be a great idea as it will be fruiting by the time the child is around five and able to get excited about the fact that it's "their" tree. It's such an unusual baby gift that it's highly unlikely anyone else will the newborn another tree, and if they do, it's likely it won't be the same type of tree!

A bottle of wine from the year of the baby's birth which can be cellared until their 21st birthday. This is really unique baby gift, and a lovely thing to have at a 21st. You also get the great bonus of it being a gift that gives twice! Make sure you check with the vineyard or sales person whether it is a suitable bottle for cellaring.

An informative book on home remedies, immunity foods, common milestones, breast feeding tips or common medical questions for babies. Be the practical giver!

Some nutritious home made meals for the freezer. This is so useful for a new family as no one is sleeping and so nutrition is something that can fall by the wayside. Check if the parents have any allergies before going to too much effort though.

An astrological reading for the baby, complete with personality and likely relationship with the parents. This is a fun and unusual baby gift which can be easily posted if you live far from the baby.

Start a savings account or buy some shares for the child and put in a certain amount to get it kick started. This one is great for those who live far away and are likely to be giving gifts over the years to come. With compounding interest and a yearly input from you (or maybe a few people) you could help the new parents send their child to college or buy their first car! An unusual gift that the child will be able to appreciate and remember later.

A gift basket filled with baby necessities such as baby paracetamol, a thermometer, teething gel, nappy rash cream, wind drops and baby-grade toiletries like insect repellent, sunscreen, shampoos, soaps and massage oil. If you want to be a little more exclusive why not get some organic toiletries.

A coin set from the mint, newspapers or magazines from the day and year of the baby's birth. Now this is a really unusual baby gift. Over the years the coin set particularly, but also the magazine or newspaper if it was a limited release, will grow in value. Remind the parents to keep the packaging!

A book to record all the baby's milestones, weight and height as the months go by. To make it unique to the child, try to find one that can hold photo's of them at different stages of their development. Some will even have a space for a photo in the cover.

Trendy storage boxes for toys or nappies etc. Now this is a pretty unusual baby gift in that most people are getting things for the baby to actually touch or use. Boxes brighten up the room and are often things that the parents haven't yet thought to buy, and they will certainly have plenty of stuff to fill them!

If you're looking for something small that is useful for the parents, an infant growth chart is a great thing to print out in color and laminate for the new parents. The weight-for-age charts under the indicators section will be the easiest for the parents to fill in as the baby gets weighed at each check up.

Online Gift Certificate For Baby

A gift certificate or magazine subscription can also be a lovely idea, particularly if you live far away and need to post your gift:

Professional photography of the new family. An unusual baby gift, but so beautiful. Even families who are unlikely to put these on the wall will love having them in albums to look back at.

A baby store or department store gift voucher for the parents to put towards any furniture they still need. So useful for the parents who aren't as financially free as they would prefer to be. If you can, organize for several people to put in moeny for the present so the parents can get a larger or better quality piece of furniture that they may otherwise have been unable to afford.

An in home massage for mum and dad. Unusual, relaxing and oh so useful for tired shoulders not used to carrying a baby constantly!

Subscription to a new baby or breastfeeding magazine. An unusual gift, but a good one for the nervous type of new parent.

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